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  • Fall Garage Door Maintenance - Step #2

    Do It Yourself: Garage Door Insulation Kit There are many options when looking to insulate your garage door. Should I have an insulated garage door? What do I gain from it?

  • Fall Garage Door Maintenance - Step #1

    Oil Rollers When you are sweeping out your garage, taking in all of the patio furniture, putting the lawn mower away and making sure the snow blower starts this Fall and prepping for Winter, don’t forget about your Garage Door. Take a broom to the inside and outside to sweep away cobwebs, make sure the photo eyes are free from any debris and add a little oil to the top of the spring(s) and the rollers. Used motor oil works well for this or there are products that are specifically for garage door...

  • Insulated Garage Doors: What You Need to Know

    Advantages of Insulated Garage Doors Garages are more susceptible to temperature fluctuations given how often the garage door is opened and closed every day. Since attached garages typically share one or two common walls with the house, any hot or cold air that travels through the door will ultimately affect the adjacent living areas. If you have an attached garage, it is imperative to have an insulated door.

  • Home Show Sale!!

        HOME SHOW SPECIAL PRICING Now through the end of March, take advantage of our door and opener specials.  All makes and models on sale.  Call or email us today for your free estimate!!!

  • Is Your Garage Door Ready For Winter?

    1. Visual Inspection: stand inside the garage with the garage door closed.  Look over the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys and mounting hardware for signs of wear or damage.

  • Love The Look of Wood But Not The Upkeep?

    Love the look of wood but not the upkeep? Go with the Ideal Door Ultra-Grain The Ideal Ultra-Grain is a distinctive and affordable "stained wood look" door option for homeowners in the market for a high quality insulated steel garage door. Ideal's Ultra-Grain painted steel surface simulates the appearance of stained wood door without the maintenance requirements of the real thing.

  • Why Choose an IDEA Accredited Dealer?

    Why Choose an IDEA Accredited Dealer? As you consider the purchase of a garage door or related product, we encourage you to thoroughly investigate not only the products, but also the dealer who will provide the installation and service. We know our company will earn your confidence and if you need proof, we've got it.