A number of garage door repairs you can't do on your own, even if you are a do-it-yourself handy person. Far too many people think garage doors are easy to repair, then find out otherwise when something goes awry. The truth is, garage doors are complex mechanisms full of intricate parts that sometimes aren't apparent at first glance.

On any morning when you're heading out the door, not being able to get your car out of your garage is a major frustration. It gets worse when you find out your garage door is essentially stuck until the repair is made.

With the right garage door repair service, you'll get timely repairs. The best companies will make you a priority, because they understand the urgency of a broken or malfunctioning garage door.

So what kind of repairs can you expect to occur throughout the life of your garage door? Take a look at three of the most common garage door problems that always need professional attention - for your door's sake, and your own safety.


If you've had your garage door for a number of years, some parts are simply going to wear out over time. Garage door springs can break after many years of use - especially if they are not maintained properly. Extreme temperature fluctuations can also put stress on door springs. Springs are made for so many cycles or times your door goes up and down.

The first sign of a broken spring is a very loud snap sound. If you are home, you'll hear it. If you are not home, you may notice your door operating more loudly than normal, or see it opening or closing at an angle if the cable is off.

This repair should be left to the professionals simply due to the danger involved. There's built up energy in a spring that can cause damage if not handled properly. Plus, if you install it incorrectly, you'll do more damage to your garage door than the broken spring did.


This is another common garage door problem many people think they can fix themselves. But doing so poses more safety hazards or damage.

Newer garage doors have sensors that ensure a clear path while using a garage door opener. However, if you have an older garage door, the door closing on an object could easily cause your door to shut on something or someone because the sensor is not there to reverse it back up. Running into your garage door can also knock things out of alignment. A common cause for this problem is broken cables.

Regardless of what caused the issue, this isn't a repair you should tackle on your own.


Those squeaking sounds and jerky movements you hear and see when opening or closing your garage door may be the result of aging rollers. Because rollers look simple to replace, you may think you can disassemble them yourself in just a few minutes. This may result in the deterioration of other hardware on the door costing you more money in the end.

Leave these types of garage door repairs to the professionals; they have the knowledge and expertise to quickly and cost-effectively repair the issue, and get you on your way again. We're here to make garage door repair easy and convenient for you. Let us know if you ever need help resolving these, or any, issues with your garage door.