The least opportune time for something to break is coincidentally the most likely time something will break: when you’re using it. This is true for furniture, vehicles, power tools, and many other things we use on a regular basis.

Oftentimes, before something breaks it will give off warning signs. As a general rule of thumb, I consider these warning signs cries for maintenance. After all, I would much rather grease a squeaky wheel than replace something major.


That same emphasis on maintenance and paying attention to warning signs applies to residential garage door repair too. Imagine if one day, you pull into the driveway and your garage door doesn’t open. If you’re like most, you depend on your garage door to open and close multiple times each day. Each time it does, you have the opportunity to assess whether it’s functioning properly.


Anything with moving parts requires some sort of maintenance or repair from time to time. Stay on top of your garage door maintenance by first learning what some general maintenance needs are.


A low battery might just be the most convenient problem to have with your residential garage door. If your garage door doesn’t open when you use your remote, double-check to make sure the batteries are still in good working order.

Photo Eyes

Keeping your garage door’s photo eyes in working order is important for the doors function, and it’s even more important for the safety of your family. Photo eyes (those little sensors that stop your garage door from closing if anything trips them) provide a vital safety function. If they are dirty, misaligned, or scratched, your photo eyes likely won’t work properly.

Maintaining Hardware

Remember earlier when we talked about moving parts needing maintenance? This is especially true if there’s excessive noise coming from those moving parts. Beyond being annoying, those noises indicate something might be wrong. Your garage door’s hardware could be dirty, loose, or blocked.

Stressed Springs

Your garage door’s springs work in unison to raise and lower your door, yet they are prone to uneven wear. It’s important both sets of springs maintain equal tension to keep your door working properly. If an imbalance occurs and goes unnoticed, serious issues can follow. Garage door spring repairs and maintenance is best left to the professionals.


If you have one takeaway today, I hope it’s this: don't let garage door maintenance and repair be an afterthought. Instead, make it part of your routine. If you want to keep your residential garage door in good working order and get the most out of your investment, regular and proper maintenance is the answer.