Keeping your overhead doors in functional, working order is probably a top priority in most commercial business settings. At least, it is whenever one of your overhead doors is broken or malfunctioning, but what about those times when it’s not?

Perhaps the most valuable time to pay attention to overhead door maintenance is when everything is functioning as it should. Because by the time something has gone wrong, it’s usually too late for a quick, easy fix.


Overhead doors require maintenance if they are expected to function properly. Routine maintenance can extend the lifetime value of your doors and hardware, which saves money on parts and repair. After all, the parts and labor required for extensive repairs are much more extensive than what’s required for a simple maintenance check.


Anytime your commercial overhead doors aren’t functioning properly, they’re stalling whatever work you’re accomplishing at that moment. That’s something most commercial businesses can’t afford. While it’s no secret how important overhead door maintenance is, be sure to look for the following things from your overhead door maintenance provider.

1. They Offer a Free Site Survey

The very first thing you receive shouldn’t be a maintenance invoice. During the survey, our technician reports on the condition of your current equipment, collects usage data, and provides recommendations for how to structure your maintenance program.

2. They Schedule Routine Maintenance Checks

The last thing you need is some unknown technician who shows up on their time to inspect and perform maintenance. Make sure you’re helping to decide when (and how often) maintenance comes around. After the site evaluation, you and the technician will discuss and determine the frequency of future visits. Future visits will be scheduled during normal working hours, eliminating the chance for surprise visits.

3. Checklist of Services Performed

Each visit should end with you receiving a complete checklist of all services performed. This way you have proof the maintenance occurred, as well as information regarding the status of your overhead doors and any comments or suggested repairs and upgrades provided in writing.

4. Approval Before Providing Additional Service

In the event any additional work needs to be performed beyond the scope of work outlined in your maintenance agreement, ensure someone from your organization first provides authorization.

5. A Proactive Approach to Maintenance

One last thing I hope you find in your maintenance provider is a proactive approach to maintenance. So much of the value in maintenance lies in preventing major issues from arising by nipping them in the bud. Before that rattle becomes a clang or before that hiccup becomes a stall, routine maintenance can keep your overhead doors functioning.

By joining our commercial garage door maintenance program, you’re significantly lowering the chances you’ll be surprised by an unforeseen malfunction. Because our technicians know commercial overhead doors, they’re able to spot, diagnose, and repair issues before they become problems.