Looking for some simple ways to add value and grandeur to your homewithout breaking the bank? Check out these 5 easy steps to stepping up your home’s curb appeal to attract buyers, add value, or just improve your neighborhood.


Clean windows are not only the best way to allow natural light into your home (thereby heating it and saving you some money), they are your unique peek to the outside world. Additionally, they provide a sneak peek for guests or prospective buyers. Wash your windows, inside and out, a few times every year - you'll appreciate the difference it makes.

Tips & Tricks:

  • For the inside cleaning of your windows, coffee filters (instead of a squeegee) are an old restaurant trick that is tried and true. No streaks!
  • Wash your windows before winter sets in, and when spring rolls around; save yourself the trouble and danger of getting on a ladder when the temperature is below freezing.


Welcome your guests to your home with a clean and welcoming front porch or doorstep. It can say a lot about who you are, and what your guests can expect inside your home. Get some decor ideas here.

Things to Consider:

  • Welcome mat
  • Decorative piece (flower pot, small statue, or door hanging such as a seasonal wreath)
  • Clean windows (think screen door and decorative front door windows)
  • Clean doors

Tips & Tricks:

  • Sweeping off the porch once a week is important to having clean windows. Not to mention, clean sidewalks and porches will reduce the amount of dirt and or mud, as well as debris tracked into your home.
  • If your porch décor is seasonal, make sure to keep it current. Halloween decorations in December will get some raised eyebrows and questionable looks.
  • Simplicity is the key; unless you have a large porch where furniture and more plants/flowers/decor would be appropriate, stick to the welcome mat and one decorative piece.
  • Porch furniture and décor should either match the trim of your home, or the outdoor surroundings.


Nothing whips a home into shape like a fresh cut lawn and some attractive landscaping. There are lot of options you can play with - shrubbery, walkways, flowers, trees, etc.

Tips & Tricks

  • For the argyle look, create the checkerboard pattern by attaching a weighted lawn roller to your mower. Mow in parallel rows. The first row should run east to west, and the next west to east. Repeat the same pattern for north to south, and south to north.
  • As with porch décor, simplicity is the key. As long as everything is trim and neat, your lawn will qualify as well-manicured.


Curb appeal doesn’t go away after the sun goes down. Adding some unique outdoor lighting will add that extra sparkle and shine. This is an easy way to add some style and personality to your exterior - and make your home look different than they neighbors. As an added bonus, this will also enhance the safety of your home.

The average 5x8 porch requires 60 watts to properly illuminate the front doorstep.

Tip: Sconces with thick glass or darker covers emit a softer glow. For a brighter walkway, choose light fixtures with clear glass.


If you have a garage, consider the door on it a major curb appeal feature. According to Bankrate, new and upgraded garage doors can increase the equity in your home by 13 percent. While this fix will require the largest investment, it will make the biggest impact and add the most value.

Tip: Get the most out of your garage door by performing proper maintenance on a regular basis.

With a little bit of routine cleaning, simple maintenance, and a few insider tips and tricks, you can easily add value and grandeur to your home. Clean windows, welcoming porches, a well-manicured lawn with good lighting, and a well-functioning garage door are some of the best ways to add curb appeal.