We want to feel secure when driving our car, we want our neighborhood to be safe, and we want to know that when we close the garage door, our home and family will be safe and secure for the night.

Select LiftMaster garage door openers now include the industry’s first Automatic Garage Door Lock. This locking feature performs in tandem with the garage door opener, making it effortless on your part. When you press the wall button to close the door, the door closes and the lock engages with an audible “click” so you know it is locked. When you leave your home, pressing the wall button automatically disengages the lock and your door opens. It is as simple as that and gives you that extra layer of comfort knowing that your garage door is not only closed, but also securely locked. The Automatic Garage Door Lock is currently available on LiftMaster models 8550W, 8360W and 8500.

Watch this video to see the Automatic Garage Door Lock in action.

Another security measure is to program Timer to Close on your opener. This feature ensures that your garage door will automatically close after a pre-set amount of time. An audible warning will alert anyone nearby that it is about to close, and LiftMaster’s build-in safety features always ensure that your kids and pets remain safe. It works great if you are forgetful like me and can’t remember if you closed the garage door after you left the house.