How many commercial overhead doors does your business or warehouse have? It’s okay if you’re not 100 percent certain on the exact number. To be perfectly honest, most people don’t pay too much attention to their commercial garage doors until there’s a problem.

Before a problem arises, commercial overhead doors tend to melt into the background, they’re expected to function, opening and closing as needed. And, why wouldn’t they? They’re doors, and you have a business to maintain. But, by not paying attention to your overhead doors until there’s a problem, you put yourself in the position of being reactive instead of proactive, which can be a very expensive decision.


Just like any other mechanical product, a little maintenance goes a long way. For instance, if you ignore a wobbly wheel on your vehicle for too long, that wobble can cause serious alignment issues, make the other tires to deteriorate quickly, and result in a hefty bill from your local mechanic. The same goes for commercial garage door maintenance.

Think about the dirt, dust, and debris that can lodge itself in your overhead door’s many nooks and crannies. Think about that time the new forklift driver cut it a little too close and banged into the base of the vertical track. Every ding, piece of debris, and compromised hardware affects your overhead door’s ability to function as intended.


At American Door Works, we believe that taking a proactive approach to commercial garage door maintenance leads to less cost and less headaches. That’s why we offer a commercial preventative maintenance program. Our program begins with a free site survey. During the survey, our technician reports on the condition of your current equipment, collects usage data, and provides recommendations for how to structure your maintenance program.

Because each overhead door and each commercial business is different, so are our preventative maintenance programs. After the evaluation, our technician will share their recommendations so you can discuss and determine the frequency of future maintenance visits. Future visits will be scheduled during normal working hours, meaning no surprise visits, and one of our technicians will perform the following on each visit, as needed:

Each visit will end with you receiving a complete checklist of all services performed, as well as any comments or suggested repairs and upgrades. If any additional work needs to be performed beyond the scope of work provided, authorization must first be obtained.


By joining our commercial garage door maintenance program, you’re significantly lowering the chances you’ll face unforeseen issues. Because our technicians know commercial overhead doors, they’re able to spot, diagnose, and repair issues before they become problems. Anytime your commercial overhead doors aren’t functioning properly, they’re interrupting or halting progress. That’s something most commercial businesses can’t afford. Start out by getting a free, no obligation site evaluation from our team.