Being a homeowner is a lot like juggling - and hoping no balls get dropped as you manage everything that accompanies residential ownership. Resurfacing your driveway. Snow removal. Re-seeding a sad lawn. Keeping your windows and doors draft-free in the winter. Spring cleaning, curb appeal, building a deck or patio, restaining, residing ... the list goes on and on. Wouldn't it be great if your entire home had a preventative maintenance program so you could catch problems, address safety and appeal issues, and keep everything in tip-top shape? There is good news - you can cross garage door maintenance off of your upkeep list with a preventative maintenance program.

Here are six reasons why it's important - not including your sanity.

Roughly, your residential garage door makes up about one-third of your home's exterior. When you think about that in terms of scope, it's easier to see how important it is to keep your doors operating smoothly, safely, and consistently year around. A preventative maintenance program protects both you and your garage door - scheduled maintenance means general issues like lubrication, properly aligned tracks, and effective weatherstripping are all managed before they become problematic.

Think about those items just listed. Are any of those areas elements you'd feel comfortable tackling on your own? Likely not. Securing a preventative maintenance package for your home's garage door means you're trusting an expert. Your garage door is also the largest moving piece on your property. While several safety precautions are in place for garage doors in order to protect people, pets, and property, it's still a large undertaking for someone not familiar with how to best service or maintain such a big component.

And price. A lot of rebuffing comes with the pricing or fees associated with a preventative maintenance program for residential garage doors. Money is the easiest subject to have a firm stance on. Of course that is reasonable - there's plenty to consider as a homeowner tasked with maintenance, upkeep, and general service.

But you can't put a price on the ability to have peace of mind as a homeowner, either. That's a priceless investment.