Commercial docks can be a dangerous place to work. This is especially true when the business does not have the right equipment and products. However, choosing the right equipment for a commercial business can be challenging.

There are many factors to consider, such as the typical vehicle size, door dimensions, or dock height. Other factors might cause issues as well, like the angle of the driveway leading up to the dock or the effect harsh weather might have on regular working conditions.

Let’s take a look at the basic docking features a commercial business requires and the features that should be considered when choosing to upgrade or install them.

Dock Doors

There are many functions of a door on a commercial dock. They need to be secure, reliable, durable, and often offer thermal protection from the elements. Connecting the outdoors with the indoors does not mean there cannot also be a separation of the two environments and remains a major function of commercial loading dock doors. The options available at American Door Works come in a variety of sizes and functions, depending on the business.


A commercial dock leveler might be a permanent part of the dock in your warehouse or loading dock, connecting the bed of the truck to the floor of the building. Dock levelers are mounted to the dock or installed in a pit at the loading dock door to create a bridge between the building and the transportation vehicle. Dock levelers make it simple to load and unload cargo.

Our available loading dock leveler options include:

Mechanical Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Leveler

Seals, Bumpers, and Shelters

Dock seals and bumpers form padding between the back of a transport trailer and the dock wall, ceiling, and floor. They provide a tight seal around the sides of the trailer. Shelters, on the other hand, also create a seal around a truck but do so using fabric curtains. While bumpers and seals create a tighter seal around the side of a trailer, they can also wear out more quickly. Shelters also allow for more range of motion when loading or unloading a truck using a forklift.

Any commercial docking equipment available at American Door Works can be custom-fit to your needs and specific building space. To get the best quality equipment that best fits your day-to-day use, it is a good idea to contact our staff early in the process of designing or remodeling your space. You can also schedule an appointment for repairs or preventative maintenance to extend the life cycle of your existing docking equipment.

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