A residential garage build or remodel quickly turns into a conversation piece, especially when stunning design choices provide multiple conversation starters. For homeowners, these conversations serve a valuable social function. As contractor, these conversations are a direct route to new business. When you’re in a profession where recommendations can turn into new business, and even the simplest compliments go a long way.

A client who says “yeah, that guy really knew what he was talking about” is doing more than just describing her experience, she’s also advertising your services. That’s a conversation with compound benefits. And as a residential garage door contractor, that’s a conversation you want people to have behind your back.

Garage Door Details that Get Noticed

The tricky part is, there are just so many options, customizations, and trends to keep track of. Not to mention accounting for each client’s taste preferences. Having a solid grasp of garage door types and styles will show clients your knowledge base and solidify you as a design asset. After all, garage doors are much more than installation.

Complement The Home’s Architecture

Whether your client’s home is colonial, ranch, or contemporary, there’s a garage door to complement the existing structure. For a colonial home, consider paneled wood (or a wood-like finish), iron hinges and handles, and a stable look. For garage door panels on a ranch style home, think simple, horizontal emphasis. When adding hardware, think simplicity and balance.

Contemporary and modern homes make space for the most design freedom. For these homes, the garage door is meant to stand out – to act as a focal point. Consider staining wood materials for increasing individuality. Consider frosted or pebbled glass as another great way to add a unique look.

Mimic Existing Window Details

You know better than most how having too many options can overwhelm clients. It’s important to keep their decision-making grounded in a reality that will keep their project on-time, on-trend, and on-budget. Selecting which window detail is one area where your clients will most likely need a little extra guidance.

Make a selection that will turn a client’s exterior into a conversation piece for years to come by mimicking the home’s existing window details. If the home has rectangular windows throughout, lean toward rectangles in the garage detail. If the windows have rounded tops, then cascade, cathedral, or Sherwood-style windows have a similar geometric shape.

Appearance Matters, But It’s Not Everything

A large part of your work as a residential garage door contractor is understanding the needs of your clients and translating those needs into reality. Remember, clients choose to work with a residential contractor so they have someone who understands the business to guide them and help make tough decisions.

Clients work with a contractor so there’s someone knowledgeable in their corner looking out for their needs. When you’re in a word-of-mouth profession, there aren’t results with as far of a reach as client satisfaction. Ensure that when your clients talk about you behind your back, they’re singing your praises.