Anyone who is looking to sell their home understands the idea of curb appeal. Potential buyers look for key features in a home, while sellers look to boost the home’s value by adding new features, technology, and other additions.

Upgrading the garage door on your home can be the best return on investment you can make for your property. The question is, how much should you undertake? Is updating the hardware enough? Should you replace it completely? Let’s look at a few garage door upgrade options you can make when selling your home.

How Much Should Be Done?

Depending on the state of your home’s garage door, there are a few options you can undertake. Of course, anything that is not working as it is supposed to should be repaired. Springs and cables that are nearing the end of their lifespan should be replaced. Underlying issues with your garage door’s motor, horse-power, belt drive, chain drive, or another issue can cause it to malfunction. Any of these issues might affect the speed, lifting ability, sound, and smoothness of operation–not to mention turn off potential buyers.

A typical garage door can last several decades, but functionality might not be the issue. If you are looking to improve the value of your home, you might consider replacing an outdated or less-than-desirable garage door with something more functional or more stylish. If you are looking to replace your garage door, we can help. American Door Works has a ton of beautiful options available.

Garage Door Accessories That Raise Your Home’s Value

If your home already has a beautiful, fully functional garage door, you might instead decide to upgrade your home’s accessories. This might include an opener you can depend on, or an additional feature to entice buyers.

These accessories might include:

  • A keyless entry system
  • Surge protectors
  • Remote lighting
  • Laser parking assistance
  • Smartphone technology
  • Wall stations

MYQ™ technology

Finally, you might consider adding a screen door to your garage. American Door Works has a line of Lifestyle Garage Screen Doors, which use a horizontal and vertical track system to mount directly inside an existing door.

Whether you are looking for repairs, new garage door accessories, or to replace your garage door, get a quote or schedule a free consultation.