Since 1972, American Door Works has focused on finding the right garage door solutions for thousands of projects and provided the assistance and service to make it possible. All the while we’ve been learning from each experience and adapting our business to better serve our customers. Over the decades, we’ve learned countless lessons about how to provide the best possible experiences.

Yes, we’ve refined our craft and polished our services in order to pass what we’ve learned onto the individuals we serve. And the next step? It’s getting the word out. I’ve thought, as long as we’re putting the customer first, we should be telling people about it.


At American Door Works, we know the safety and peace of mind of our customers goes a long way. The services we offer reflect how important our customers are to us. To illustrate, I’ve outlined our regular services so you know what to expect when you partner with us.

Residential Products

These include: garage doors, screen doors, openers, and accessories. Our selection is filled with quality, reliable products that we’re proud to provide our customers.

Service & Repair

We offer 24-hour emergency service for both residential and commercial overhead doors. Garage doors protect homes and businesses 24-hours a day, which is why we service them that way as well. Our dedication to safe and immediate service is something we take very seriously.

Parts & Accessories

We carry all major brands and stock parts for many overhead doors and openers. Beyond residential, we carry parts and accessories for overhead doors and openers for the following industries:

  • Trucking
  • Warehouses
  • Retail
  • Farm
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing

You can view which brands we carry in door parts, opener parts, and general parts here.

Product Showroom

You can visit one of American Door Works’ product showrooms in St. Cloud, Alexandria, Brainerd, and Willmar. We understand how important it is for our customers to see, feel, and experience our garage doors. Visiting one of our showrooms is a great way to learn about our products, as well as our people. Our showrooms feature some of the most popular, newest, and the most innovative garage doors.

Exceptional Customer Service

One thing we truly pride ourselves on is our dedication to customer service. Our customers experience up-front parking and short to almost non-existent lines. We provide free estimates, experienced sales staff, and trained technicians, all focused on getting you the service you deserve.


At American Door Works, we realize service matters and understand how much it can affect your experience. We’re not just trying to sell you a garage door; we’re trying to become your garage door destination. A place you and your family can trust and be proud of. To us, each and every service matters.