Styles, options, and choices…oh my! When you’re ready for a new garage door, how do you know which garage door design is right for you? I’m going to help navigate you through the different residential options available. There’s a garage door style waiting for you to discover.


Whether you favor smooth lines, dimension, or subtle detail, there is a garage door design style to fit your preference. This element accounts for the overall “look” that you are trying to achieve. I recommend choosing a style that compliments your homes architectural features. Your garage door is a focal point, so it’s imperative that it reflects your personality and is visually pleasing. Below are some of the most common and popular garage door styles, and what makes each one unique.

Classic - Raised Panel

This is a popular, traditional style is available in one-, two-, or three-layer construction. Short, long, and flush panels are options to choose from.

Ranch Panel

With a unique, long panel design, this style has clean lines. Also available in one-, two-, or three-layer insulation and construction. Windows can add a nice flair, too.


Wood doors are built in layers to prevent warping. Raised, recessed, and flush panel designs bring out the natural strength and handcrafted beauty.

Faux Wood Overlay

Imitate the look of wood with this faux finish. It’s available to help you achieve the warmth and feel of wood at a more affordable price point.


This style is sleek and modern. The crisp lines are perfect compliment to a contemporary styled home.

Raised Carriage Panel

Create instant depth with long or short raised carriage panel design. The recessed edge adds just the right amount of dimension to a classic garage door design.

Recessed Carriage Panel

his style creates the opposite affect of the raised design. With many color, window, and panel options available, the possibilities are endless to achieve this look.

Carriage & Carriage Overlay

This authentic look resembles historic carriage homes. An overlay blends materials with the traditional design, creating a classic look.


There are several opening styles to consider with garage door design. The most important thing to keep in mind is primary use and climate. Although we typically steer in the sectional direction, it’s noteworthy to mention a few of the other opening methods available on the market.


According to Bob Vila, the most common garage door in the United States is a sectional door. This opening style accounts for the majority of the doors that we provide. Sectional doors are built as panels and mounted on a track, which roll along a center guide. It operates with an electric garage door opens in a vertical fashion. It is versatile, popular and a practical choice for safety and security.

Up and Over/Tip Up

This opening mechanism is for a one-piece garage door panel. It operates in a hinge-like fashion, where it is assisted and balanced by torsion springs. This style comes in two types: retractable and canopy. A canopy garage door requires manual operation, as it uses a torsion spring, frame legs, and a has vertical tracks on the frame legs. A retractable garage door has horizontal tracks that extend to the back of the garage, with tension springs on frame legs. This type is appropriate for electric and manual operation. Note: this style, along with swing out, is obselete in the area we serve, and has convered to overhead.

Swing Out

Depictive of the name, this style operates in a swing out action. These doors literally swing out like barn doors. It is a trackless system, and functions similar a traditional front entry door. It is most common with the carriage garage door, found in year-round warm climate weather. We don’t typically see this style in Minnesota, unless it’s a for a completely custom space.


We have parameters and standards to help guide you in the right direction. These styles are simply a starting point to help you narrow down your selections. Your preferences are the single most important factor in making a decision on a new garage door. Ease and reliability are at the forefront in all of the conversations we have with our customers. We’d love to help you get selective with your choices at any one of our four showroom locations