LiftMaster garage door openers are constantly evolving to introduce better technology and security. Introducing the LiftMaster 8160, with soft start and soft stop, a state-of-the-art DC powered motor, and the very best energy efficiency. What does all that mean for you? Let us break it down for you…

  1. Soft Start and Soft Stop. Every time I am in a new home or touring a Home on Parade, I like to test the kitchen drawers. You know what to look for, right? The soft-close instead of the drawer slamming shut. It is similar technology to the trunk on a Cadillac sedan, which softly closes and seals up tight so you know your trunk is locked and secure. The LiftMaster 8160 has a soft start and a soft close for those same reasons, with faster opening rates in the middle. It starts slowly as it lifts from the ground, gains speed during the middle part of the opening, and slows down as it comes to a fully open stop.
  2. DC Powered vs. AC Powered: Direct current or DC is what allows the motor to operate with a soft start and soft close, as well as run much quieter than an AC motor. It is a newer technology in the residential garage door market, and one that has proven very dependable, and our customers love it.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Less energy is required to open and close the door with the DC powered motor and the soft start, soft stop feature. The opener goes into sleep mode when it’s in the closed position to save energy as well.