Partnering With the Best in Commercial Interior Doors

Since 1972, American Door Works has been providing the best residential and commercial garage doors in Central Minnesota. But just two years after our founding, we decided to branch out. That’s when Mid Central Door was born. With this new service, we went from a single entity specializing in garages to a multi-faceted partnership providing the surrounding area with many of the doors you pass through every day.

With our partnership, we’ve extended our range of products to provide the leading supply of commercial door hardware for Central Minnesotans. For the best commercial interior doors (including metal, wood, fiberglass, and stainless steel), Mid Central Door offers the best products for the best people. We do this together, all while maintaining superior costs and quality for our clients.

Our work together has been featured in projects like the St. Cloud Hospital addition, JCPenny remodel, Kennedy Elementary School, St. Cloud Library, St. Cloud Police Station, River’s Edge Convention Center, Anderson Trucking and many more.

No one can beat the sheer quality of commercial door hardware that Mid Central Door provides, which is why we promote their work as much as possible. We truly believe that no other business in the area can provide you with the necessary customer service, product quality, and installation expertise that you’ll receive as a result of our partnership.

For the best in commercial door installation, be sure to choose Mid Central Door for your next project. And be sure to keep an eye out for our next project together.