When it comes to selecting a commercial roll up door for your business, you need a door that is reliable, durable, functional, and secure. High speed commercial roll up doors aren't your average commercial garage doors. These newer items in the marketplace not only bring better performance overall, but also help you increase productivity, reliability, and safety around the business.


As the name suggests, high speed commercial roll up doors are powered, rolling doors with high-cycle performance. Ideally these products can handle unlimited (depending on door model) opening/closing cycles per day with ease. The vast majority of high speed doors are installed in business and manufacturing locations with a need to effectively partition important, dangerous or specialized areas inside of a building or warehouse facility.


When you hear the name high speed doors, the first conclusion you're likely to jump to regarding benefits is increased productivity. In this respect, you're spot on. Commercial roll up doors with high performance allow for increased volume processing, efficiency in the movement of people and materials, time savings. When time is money, no one has the time to waste sitting around waiting for doors to open at a snail's pace. These doors are made to be a workhouse to close off coolers, security doors, etc.

Security is one benefit of high speed doors that most people probably overlook. While all commercial roll up doors provide security with a physical barrier between your merchandise or stock and the outside world, there's more to that security than a simple barrier. Whether you need to quickly close the doors to protect inventory from inclement weather moving in or want to keep critters out, high speed doors waste no time opening and closing. This minimizes the exposure of your controlled areas to uncontrolled elements.

Energy savings is another benefit of high speed doors not often highlighted by all installers. The use of high speed commercial roll up doors provide two benefits in this department. First and foremost, doors that open and close quickly help control airflow and air exchange. For example, if you have a cooler space that requires precise, low temps to keep products fresh, slower doors allow more time for cold air to escape and hot air to infiltrate. This poses a problem not only for the safety of the cooled goods, but also drives up your energy costs as your HVAC units work harder and longer to regain and maintain a lower temp.

Secondly, you'll save money on vehicle operation and maintenance costs as your forklifts, delivery trucks and other service vehicles spend less time idling and waiting for doors to open and close at a slower pace. You may even notice a reduction in vehicle strikes as doors quickly open and close to improve the logistical flow of your operation.


The single greatest benefit of commercial roll up high speed doors is durability. These types of doors operate on direct drive motors rather than the traditional spring systems of commercial/residential garage doors, for example. This makes the door system more durable and less likely to encounter the problems that spring-based systems often face.

Step up to a new generation of commercial roll up doors and consider installing high speed doors in your business or manufacturing facility to enjoy all the benefits covered here.