Technology is ever-changing and evolving. Your customers are accustomed to having access to all sorts of applications with the swipe of a finger across a screen or smart device. It's never been easier to access your home - away from home - in today's modern world. It's become the new norm. Want to give your customers this same peace of mind? Read on to learn how you can provide them that same access, with the option to check on the status of their garage door at any point in time, regardless of location. Your role as a garage door contractor made simple, made smart.


The garage is an essential hub for family traffic; it’s often the main entrance point into a home. A garage is much more than a place to store vehicles and belongings. Whether it’s a gym, sanctuary, or catch-all space, the garage is Grand Central Station for your customers. So why not give this space the accessibility it deserves?


In the hustle and bustle of everyday, your customers may open and close their garage door more times than they even realize. Whether they're taking out the trash, tinkering, parking a car, or coming and going, they need a garage door opener they can rely on. What better way to keep their family connected than with technology? I’ve got the perfect solution to ensure everyone in the family can keep tabs on their space.


MyQ Connected Home is a smartphone app. This app allows your clients to access their garage door opener from anywhere. The MyQ app allows homeowners to do things such as:

  • Monitor the status of the garage door
  • Open or close a garage door from anywhere
  • Receive garage door activity alerts

Homeowners will always be in the know with this app. Now that’s what I call a smart garage door!


As a garage door contractor, you're always looking for ways to keep your customers connected. Here are three simple ways to get them connected to this smart technology. They'll need a WiFi connection for any of these options.

1. Purchase a new WiFi enabled garage door opener.
These garage door openers come equipped with MyQ and are WiFi ready.

2. Upgrade their MyQ enabled garage door opener.
If your customers already own a MyQ enabled opener but aren’t connected, all they need is an upgrade to the Internet Gateway. This allows them to connect to the MyQ features.

3. Retrofit their current garage door opener.
If a homeowner's current garage door opener isn’t compatible, purchase a MyQ Retrofit Package. This add-on allows them to keep their current opener while upgrading to be MyQ compatible.


Never look back. Whether your customers are on vacation, at soccer practice, or running to the grocery store, a smart garage door is their golden ticket to worry-free errands and outings. MyQ is the smart way for homeowners to stay connected to their garage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This relatively inexpensive feature provides benefits that include:

  • Unlimited accessibility
  • Up-to-date notifications and alerts
  • Peace of mind

If you’re still not sure if a smart garage door is right for your customers, don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s what I’m here for! When you decide this option is right for the clients you work with, contact us. We’ll make their garage door opener smart in no time, and leave you looking like the garage door contractor expert you deserve to be called