Spring cleaning is an endeavor which seems to appear on all our to-do lists. While the transition between the seasons seesaws between pulling us out into the warm weather and driving us into our homes, as Minnesotan’s we have learned to deal with the ebb and flow of the seasons in our own ways. For the most part, however, we are all hostages to the whims of winter weather.

Home Spring Cleaning

Because of Minnesota’s temperamental seasonal transitions, our greatest spring cleaning tip is to have patience. You can begin your spring by cleaning the inside of your home–ridding it months of collected dust, dirt, and debris. When the winter weather fades, you can begin moving outside when the weather allows.

The Benefits of Curb Appeal

Cleaning, repairing, and enhancing the outside of your home can have tremendous effects on your property value. In fact, these additions can most improve your home’s property value. A recent study found that a home’s property value can be boosted by between seven and fourteen percent depending upon its curb appeal.

Curb Appeal Through Garage Doors

There are many things which can improve a home’s curb appeal, but the simplest is to clean your garage doors. Washing your garage doors allows their natural color to shine. As a focal point of your home, the garage doors should be a primary focus of any curb appeal makeover or uplift.

The Best-Looking Home

Beyond washing your garage doors, spring is also a great time to give them a new coat of paint or have different colored doors installed. Changing the door color, or revitalizing a faded one, can be a perfect spring spruce-up to give you your best looking home.

Garage Door Cleaning Tips

Additionally, including a maintenance check in your garage door cleaning is a useful garage door cleaning tip since nothing can derail summer fun like the inability to get in and out of your garage. Typically, the summer months see garage door usage increase. Regardless of whether the summer months see us use our garage doors more, cleaning the accumulated winter grime from them can only improve your home’s curb appeal.

Checking the door for damages during garage door cleaning is a great way to ensure the doors work all summer long, but if your doors need repairing or replacing, let American Door Works handle all the repairs for you.