Your business's commercial garage door not only boosts your business’s security, but it can also improve your curb appeal and can even help you save money in the long run. Today, garage doors are better insulated, more secure, and require little to no maintenance when compared to older garage doors. There are also endless options to choose from when looking for a specific style, material, or color, so finding the right choice can be overwhelming. Understanding the different types of commercial garage doors will help you choose the perfect one for your business.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Overhead Doors

This type of commercial garage door is the most common choice for businesses. You can also find these types of garage doors in most modern homes. The doors are raised to the ceiling on tracks using rollers, before coming to rest parallel to the ceiling. A variety of materials are used to make these doors, including wood or aluminum.

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors roll up into a coil, just like the name suggests. These doors are typically made of thin steel slats, which are flexible but sturdy.

Fire-Rated Doors

These commercial garage doors look like roll-up garage doors, but they are also fire resistant. Fire-rated doors are designed to keep a fire from advancing through a building by breaking the facility into compartments, preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Scissor Doors

This type of commercial garage door is unique and uncommon. The doors move from side to side rather than up and down, like a typical garage door. This type of door is made of high-quality steel and is known for its protection and safety.

Aluminum and Glass Doors

Aluminum and glass garage doors are typically used in restaurants, fire stations, service stations, and car dealerships. These durable doors can be made of steel instead of aluminum and glass.

Insulated Doors

This type of garage door is designed to keep heat inside during the winter and keep cool air inside during the summer. Insulated garage doors are cost-efficient, and they are even stronger than your typical commercial garage door since these doors have more than one layer of material.

Service Doors

Service doors are typically made of steel or aluminum, and open by rolling up into a coil, similar to the roll-up doors. This type of commercial garage door is used around storage facilities, warehouses, and loading docks. Unlike roll-up doors, service doors operate by using a chair-hoist or motor, and the door itself rolls into a protective metal hood.

What to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door


First, consider your budget and what you plan to spend on this commercial garage door. Will the door you’re considering fit within the parameters of your budget? Pricing may range from the material and style that you choose from.


There are endless options to choose from when deciding on the style of your commercial garage door. Consider the architecture of your facility and aim for a door that complements the style and color of your business.


Consider whether your garage door will be able to withstand and continue functioning in bad weather and severe storms.

Energy Coherence

Choosing a commercial garage door that is energy efficient will help your business save money in the long run.

At American Door Works, we specialize in installing and repairing commercial garage doors. If you’re not sure what kind of garage door your business needs, our team would be happy to provide assistance. With years of experience in the industry, we’re ready to help you find the right solution for your facility. Contact us today to get started.