Rodent Proof Door Bottom Seals for Residential and Commercial Applications

  • Do you struggle with rodents in your garage?
  • Is the concrete cracked and one side is lower than the other side?
  • Does rain and snow blow in underneath the garage door and in to the garage?

Rough Service Light Bulb

If you have a garage and a garage door opener, then you may not know that the garage door opener uses a special kind of light bulb. Quality matters, and this is why you should always consider a rough service light bulb. You may be enticed to use a household light bulb, but that won’t really work. In fact, you end up risking the bulb breaking the opener cover. Not only that, but the filament will be put through a lot of stress, and the results just won’t be as good as you can imagine. It’s important to use that to your advantage, and the results on their own can be astonishing in the end.

Why do you need a Rough Service Light Bulb?

As we mentioned earlier, a conventional bulb doesn’t make sense, and it won’t work the way you expect it to, so that’s by far one of the most important things to keep in mind right off the bat. Moreover, rough service light bulbs are created specifically to resist any kind of stress.

The filaments are extra strength, and they can easily withstand a lot of external pressure too. In fact, they are resistant to vibration and are durable.

The way they work is very simple. In fact, they work pretty much like a regular light bulb without any major difference. What makes them special is the fact that they added some additional wire in the glass enclosure. This helps protect as well as support the filament. That’s where you get your added strength, and the results as a whole are amazing because of that reason alone. It works nicely, and the attention to detail makes this bulb a must have.

How often do you need to change a Rough Service Light Bulb?

Not that often! In fact, the rough service light bulbs are created with durability in mind, so they last as long as household bulbs, which you change every few years, maybe even less so. It all comes down to how often the rough service light bulb is used, of course. But again, these things are created with high quality and durability in mind. That alone makes them stand out, and it does deliver an amazing value for your money.

If you always wanted to have a durable and reliable garage door opener, try to invest in a good rough service light bulb. This way you can enjoy the experience a whole lot better, and the results can be more than impressive. All you need is to give the rough service light bulbs a shot, and you are bound to appreciate the value they bring to any garage door opener.