Sometimes, those summer days working on the loading dock or in the garage can be unbearably hot. And, even when you crank up the air conditioning, nothing seems to help. If you and your crew are sweating through the dog days of summer, my guess would be your overhead doors aren’t sealing as well as they could.

If the problem is your seal, you might also notice your overhead doors shaking when it’s windy or the doors making lots of noise as they open and close. In the wintertime, you also might experience frost and snow around the edges of your doors and have a difficult time keeping everything (and everyone) heated. If any of this sounds like your experience, you might consider green hinges.


Green Hinges perform the same functions as your current overhead door hinges, plus a little extra. Their installation process is nearly indistinguishable from traditional hinges, but their design prevents doors from leaking. Green hinges self-adjust in order to tightly seal your garage door. They do this by pushing the door tighter to the jamb, which seals the door tighter.

A heavy-duty spring built into the hinge is the key to maintaining the right amount of tension to keep a seal yet provide flexibility so nothing becomes damaged. Green hinges are available for either commercial or residential overhead doors, and today we’re focusing on the commercial benefits.

1. Lower Energy Use

Green hinges lower energy use during both summer and winter. The tight seal they create effectively maintains internal temperature. Because your heat or air conditioning is better contained, reduced energy use is an immediate benefit.

2.Keep Workers Comfortable

Employees who work in the garage or on the loading dock might be uncomfortable, or even worse, in danger of heat exhaustion during hot summer days. Maintaining a workable indoor temperature can keep your crew comfortable, happier, and more productive.

3. Doesn’t Shake in the Wind

With green hinges, strong winds will not allow your overhead commercial doors to flip-flop back and forth. Instead, they’ll stay flush to the jamb.


With a green hinge system, many of the common problems people experience with commercial overhead doors are eliminated. If you’re wondering if a green hinge system might be right for your location, get in touch with one of our service technicians.