Your garage door plays an important role in your home or business’s curb appeal, and its aesthetic should complement the building. If you redo your siding or repaint your house, you should also update your garage door to match. Thankfully, learning to paint your garage door is easy enough and can ensure your curb appeal remains high.

Painting Your Garage Door

Before starting the process of painting your garage door, there are a few simple steps to prep your garage.

Pick a good day to start your project, making sure to paint under proper weather conditions. 50 to 75 degrees is the ideal temperature to avoid issues with paint consistency.

Before putting anything on your garage door, make sure to clean it thoroughly with water. Remove any dust, sand, and dirt from its surface.

If you are worried your paint may splatter, utilize painter’s tape to protect corners and keep edges sharp.

Before painting, use an exterior paint primer fit for garage doors and apply it all over your garage door. Let sit for a day or two, then start painting. This helps the paint stick to your garage door without any flaking.

Do You Use a Roller or Brush When Painting a Garage Door?

Using a brush to paint your garage door can help with precision, and it helps you paint those hard-to-reach spots. Using a roller will help the process of painting go by much faster and more smoothly than it would using a brush.

However, it’s best to use both to paint your garage door. Use a brush to carefully go around the edges of the door, then use a roller to paint the main, front side of the door.

Be sure to have a few different sizes of paint brushes, as well. Depending on what type of garage door you own, one size may not be able to properly paint certain areas of the door.

How to Choose Paint for A Garage Door

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