In the search for a new garage door, many questions arise–such as your choice of color, style, and materials. While all of these are excellent questions for your home’s curb appeal, they aren’t as important to homeowners as the crucial point of replacing a garage door: will it work?

Replacing or upgrading a garage door might be a quick weekend project or a much bigger investment. To answer this question, homeowners must discover if they need to replace their tracks.

What are Garage Door Tracks?

A garage door track is the metal rail the wheels of a garage door ride in to create a smooth opening and closing. For this reason, changing your garage door could cause you to have to replace your garage door tracks as well. Often, if you find an issue with a door opening or closing as it should, the root cause lies in the tracks.

Different Types of Garage Door Tracks

Typically, garage door tracks fall into one of the following five types, which your installer can help you identify:

  • Standard radius
  • Low headroom
  • Vertical lift
  • Hi-lift
  • Roof pitch

If your garage door and garage door rails are not compatible, a few severe hindrances may happen. In some cases, having the wrong garage door for your rails could cause your garage door to jam in an always open or always closed position. In extreme instances, the garage door may pop off the rails altogether.

New Door, New Tracks

When you invest in a new garage door, you should also probably replace your tracks. In fact, it may be required, as many manufacturers have unique track designs. Some tracks are made to be adjustable, but to prevent future problems, it’s always better to buy the tracks that are made to function with your new model.

  • New tracks can also offer several other benefits, including:
  • Reduced noise while opening and closing
  • Improved safety for you and your family
  • Preventing property damage to your new door
  • Ensuring you don’t violate your warranty
  • Improved aesthetics

All-in-One Solution

Only you, the homeowner, can make the correct decision for your home, but American Door Works can help. We offer garage door installation and garage door repair for families in Central Minnesota, and our services are always performed with the highest care for safety. Contact us today to learn more.