Snow and ice are hallmarks of winter weather and can cause severe damage to the home. There are several potential issues homeowners need to know. For example, a significant snow pileup can cause roof damage and flooding. However, homeowners should also be aware of ice damage to garage doors. Read on to find out how to spot it and act.

How Does Winter Affect Garage Doors?

There are many ways that winter garage door damage can occur. Freezing temperatures and winter storms can cause the metal parts that make up the garage door to contract and warp.

These parts can also become brittle, making the door malfunction or causing essential components to break. Lubricants within the door can also thicken or harden, preventing the proper function of the door.

Key Signs of Winter Garage Door Damage

To minimize the impact of cold weather on your garage doors, it's essential to keep an eye out for signs of winter garage door damage. The sooner you spot problem areas, the sooner you can act and reduce the chance of serious and costly garage door repairs. Here are some critical signs of winter garage door damage to look out for:

Broken Springs

The springs in garage doors are one of winter's most common garage door repairs. When the metal springs contract due to cold weather, they can weaken, crack, or break.

Ice Buildup

Ice damage to garage doors can stop the motor from working correctly. When melted snow collects at the bottom of the garage door during the day and then freezes at night, the motor overexerts itself to lift the door along with the ice. That's why it's best to spot ice buildup first and remove it before opening the garage door.

Cracked Seals

Winter weather can also wreak havoc on the seals around your garage door. Freezing temperatures and ice damage to garage doors can cause seals to harden and crack, letting moisture into the garage that can cause other issues.

Track and Roller Damage

The tracks and rollers are other components of the door to inspect for signs of winter garage door damage are the tracks and rollers. These parts can crack or bend out of place due to winter temperatures, disrupting the door's movement or causing it to get stuck.

Prevent Garage Door Damage with American Door Works

Investing in preventative maintenance is the best way to protect against winter garage door damage and reduce the chance of needing garage door repairs. The professionals at American Door Works can inspect your garage door, look out for parts that need service, or recommend upgrades through our preventative maintenance program.

The 24-hour emergency service team at American Door Works can help if you need garage door repairs due to winter damage. Contact us today to get the winter garage door repairs you need!