Like many of the larger machines and appliances that you purchase for your home or business, buying a garage door is a significant investment. As with any big purchase, most people want their garage doors to last as long as possible without the need for repair or replacement. However, many home and business owners neglect the importance of regular garage door service, which plays a key role in maximizing investment.

Why Regular Garage Door Maintenance Matters

Improves Safety

Regular maintenance on your garage door reduces the risk of injuries. With how frequently we use our garage doors and how easy they are to use, it’s easy to forget how dangerous they are. Residential garage doors typically weigh 130–300 pounds, while commercial garage doors can be even heavier.

A poorly maintained garage door is an unsafe garage door. Regularly used components of the door wear over time. With no one performing the necessary repairs, there’s a higher chance of something breaking, risking a serious accident for your family or employees.

Extends Longevity

Most garage doors are built to last between 15 and 30 years. However, if you neglect the need for preventative maintenance, that projection drops significantly. Regular service on your garage door can help maximize its lifespan. Small issues that are ignored can spiral into more serious problems, raising the chances of a severe breakdown that calls for the replacement of your garage door before its time.

Reduces Costs

While it might be tempting to ignore preventative maintenance in favor of saving money, regular service on your garage door can save you dollars in the long run. Expert garage door service technicians know how to spot small issues, like cracks or loose bolts, and fix them before they turn into bigger, more costly problems. By addressing these repairs sooner rather than later, you may also be able to get replacement parts covered by your garage door’s warranty. If you’re a business owner, it can also help you avoid being held liable for an accident due to a poorly maintained garage door.

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