At American Door Works and Mid Central Door our core values are based on the expectations that our customers have for us, the expectations we have for each other and our personal expectations.

We believe that they are all interconnected and if we commit to setting high expectations, we can support and serve each other in a manner that will create a positive experience for all.


  • We will focus on the success and well-being of our customers and employees as our top priority.
  • We will work together to create and ensure a superior customer experience.
  • We will make decisions and act using honesty, respect and dignity as our foundation.
  • We will be positive, open minded and prepared to improve in everything we do.
  • We will work with genuine care for achieving results that benefit all people connected to this company.
  • We will be true to our word and keep our commitments.

We further recognize that we need to be good corporate stewards in the communities in which we live and work. It is important because our communities are the foundations for our very purpose. It is where we choose to live and operate to sustain a positive and productive environment. As a result we are committed to support our local communities through volunteering, organizational leadership and financial support.

  • To view a list of the organizations and charities we are currently supporting, please click on the following link, Community Support

In addition to supporting the communities where we live and work, we support our industries and our local business organizations. Healthy and vibrant businesses are the key to successful communities. We actively participate in trade and local organizations looking for ways to enhance our understanding of our industry, the products we sell and the customers we serve.

  • To view a list of the trade and local business organizations we are currently supporting, please click on the following link, Trade/Industry Support

As we near 50 years in business we do so with a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the many gifts we have received over the years. We are grateful for the employees that have built our company, the vendors that have provided high quality products, the customers who have given us their trust and the communities which have supported our companies.

As you consider future projects, we would appreciate your continued support and the opportunity to understand and exceed your expectations. Please contact us or stop in to let us know how we can help you achieve your goal.