Don't chance it; check it with Simple Garage Safety Tests.

June is Garage Safety Month. An estimated one out of every 15 garage door openers may lack safety features or may not be operating properly, which equates to millions of garages across the U.S. that may require added attention from the homeowner or even a professional. There is no better time to ensure the heaviest and largest moving object in the home, the garage door, is the safest it can be.

LiftMaster®, the number one brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers with more than 4,000 Dealers across the country, is introducing the Don’t Chance It. Check It.™ Safety Campaign. This nationwide initiative strives to provide invaluable information, such as an easy Three-Step Safety test homeowners can perform to keep their families safe from malfunctioning garage doors.

Do You Have an Eye on Safety this Season?

From a luxury item to a household necessity, automated garage door openers have evolved over the years. As adoption has increased, so have safety standards. Since 1993, all automatic openers manufactured for the U.S. must include a safety reversing feature such as infrared sensors or “photo-eyes.” Photo-eyes are a secondary safety measure that ensures the door never makes contact with anything under it when performing properly.

The photo eye sensors are installed near the floor on either side of the garage door opening. Once the invisible laser beam between the two sensors is broken by an obstruction, the door reverses automatically. For example, if a young child, the elderly or a small pet crosses under the closing door, it will automatically reverse BEFORE making contact. Ensure your garage is safe and check out how to test your garage for the latest safety features.