Garages are where we build our dreams. Whether they are attached to our houses, across the yard, used for personal projects, or employed as professional business buildings, these spaces offer a unique importance to our lives. However, as Minnesotans, we know that we need to defend against mother nature or suffer months of the year without a place to work.

Keys to Eliminating Heat Loss

Depending upon the size of the garage, a space heater might be enough to ensure comfort in harsh wind and snow. If the garage is large, then adding insulation is an ideal way to combat heat loss in a garage. While adding insulation can incur large initial costs, the savings can pay for themselves when going from heating an uninsulated space to heating that same space while insulated. As well as adding insulation to the walls and ceiling, it is also a smart idea to use insulated garage doors too, in the effort to eliminate heat loss.

Insulation does not completely stop heat loss, rather it simply slows it. The rate at which it slows depends upon the rating of the insulation, but it also depends upon other factors, such as having weak points. These weak points are things like unevenly installed insulation, gaps around doors, or unsealed windows.

Unsealed, improperly sealed, and ill-fitting doors are the biggest culprits. In a heated garage, it can be easy for ice to form at the bottom of the door, which can deteriorate the weatherstripping, preventing a firm heat barrier. This principle holds true when there is no weatherstripping on a window or door that does not close properly; there remains a gap where heat can escape.

Prioritizing Garage Door Maintenance

While heat loss of this magnitude can be considered minimal, the costs do add up, especially in modern Minnesota winters featuring frigid temperatures, which exacerbate heat loss. However, being unable to close a garage door due to its malfunction can lead to monumental costs. For this reason, proper garage door maintenance is essential. Servicing your garage door regularly can ensure that it works properly and prevent an ill-timed malfunction that could leave your garage stranded in the cold.

American Door Works provides customers with proven solutions for preventing heat loss from your garage. With maintenance from us, you can see hundreds of saving every year in energy costs for your home or business. Contact us to request service and prevent energy loss this winter season.