Rodent Proof Door Bottom Seals for Residential and Commercial Applications

  • Do you struggle with rodents in your garage?
  • Is the concrete cracked and one side is lower than the other side?
  • Does rain and snow blow in underneath the garage door and in to the garage?

This rodent proof weather seal uses steel wool in the middle of the seal to fill in the gap between the walls of the rubber that typically provide little resistance to rats and mice. Beneath the garage door is a common point of entry for rodents. This seal is soft and can be placed on roll-up and overhead garage doors to keep these troublesome pests out of your garage, plus this dependable weather seal saves you money on heating and cooling expenses. Able to withstand the coldest and hottest weather conditions it is ideal for homes, restaurants, schools, hotels and anywhere that food is stored.

Installation is simple, but easier with the help of a friend. The weather seal slides into the “T”-retainer track at the bottom of the garage door (the metal piece at the bottom of the door). We learned that if you use cooking spray or soapy water in the track, the weather seal will slide a lot better! Our professional technicians are always available to install it too, and make sure that your entire garage door is ready for winter.

Rodent Blocker starts at $67.50 for a 9’ wide door.