Truck Locks

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As the truck backs into position, the Rear Impact Guard “RIG” contacts the “TPR™” spring loaded structural steel housing which rides down its track, allowing the RIG to position itself on top of the housing. Thexterior communication light is green and the interior light is red. Once trailer is positioned against the dock bumpers, the operator depresses the “Engage” button allowing the hook to secure the trailer to the loading dock. Once restrained, the interior light is green allowing the dock attendant to safely enter the trailer while the exterior light is red warning the driver not to pull away from the dock. The “TPR” restraint maintains contact with the RIG and adjusts automatically with the trailer float motion to assure proper engagement at all times during the loading/unloading operation. After the loading is complete, the operator depresses the “Release” button. When the trailer is released and the restraint is safely stored the interior light changes to red while the exterior light changes to green.

If the “TPR” is unable to secure the trailer’s RIG, the restraint will communicate the fault condition, either through the standard advanced communication system incorporating an amber “Caution” light or by an optional audible alarm. If “By-Pass” of the system is necessary, it is recommended that you secure the trailer by other means before

proceeding with the loading/unloading process. In “By-Pass” mode the exterior light is red the interior light is green accompanied by an amber caution light indicating to the dock attendant to proceed with caution.


  • Amber caution light when restraint is in process of engaging RIG or in override conditions for added communications safety.
  • Interlock terminals standard for safe leveler interlock.
  • Full communication package with signage and inside/outside red/green LED lights in opposing mode.