Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or update your garage, manual garage doors are less common than they used to be. When shopping for a new garage door, it is almost impossible to find any manual ones, as they’re simply not practical.

Your garage door doesn’t just keep intruders from stealing items or breaking into your car—it also serves as an entry into your home. It’s important to choose a garage door that not only operates easily but also protects you, your items, and your family.

What to Know About Upgrading Your Garage Door

Replacing your old garage door is an inexpensive upgrade, and it can also bump your curb appeal quite drastically. The best garage doors today are made from several layers of galvanized steel, composite wrapped around foam insulation, or vinyl, all of which require little to no maintenance. There are a wide variety of door designs that can suit the aesthetic of your home, and the insulation can give you the R-rated value of an insulated 2x6 stud wall.

When it comes to convenience and safety, automatic garage doors are the clear winner over manual garage doors. You can count on automatic garage doors to keep your garage dry when it rains, unlike manual garage doors, which are known to let water leak inside. A great benefit of manual garage doors is that they don't break down, unlike automatic doors. However, regular service on your automatic garage door can prevent untimely breakdowns.

Safety should be your number one concern when looking for a new garage door. Manual doors are harder to open and are prone to causing injuries. Automatic doors are superior when it comes to keeping intruders out, as well as protecting everything and everyone inside your home.

However, automatic garage doors are much more expensive than manual garage doors. The cost of a single automatic garage door ranges from $590 to $1,600; the cost of a double automatic garage door ranges from $790 to $1,600; and installation costs around $350 per door. Maintenance fees are also quite expensive, but automatic doors will add more resale value to your home.

The Benefits of a Garage Door Upgrade

· Durability: because automatic doors have sensors that prevent them from closing when objects are in the way, they’re more resistant to damage

· Convenience: you can use a remote control to open and close your garage door, so you don’t have to get out of your car and deal with poor weather

· Safety: automatic garage doors tend to be safer than manual garage doors, both in terms of preventing accidents and improving home security

· Customization: typically, you can customize the settings for your automatic garage door, allowing you to change things like closing speed

· Design: there are a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to choose a garage door that complements the exterior of your home

· Curb appeal: a good-looking garage door can be just as beneficial to your curb appeal as a good-looking front door

The Disadvantages of a Garage Door Upgrade

· Costs: automatic garage doors are typically more expensive than manual garage doors

· Installation: it’s more work to install an automatic door, as it requires proper configuration by a professional

American Door Works can help you choose the perfect garage door for your home’s safety and aesthetic. For more information on automatic or manual garage doors, check out our website and blog, or get in contact to find the garage door solution that’s right for you.