Rolling service doors are known to be dependable pieces of equipment. They’re always opening and closing, keeping goods safe and secure as long as they’re needed. And why not? Their basic construction makes them reliable, durable, secure, and flexible.


Service doors are metal slatted rolling doors. They’re used to provide security against entry, as well as weather protection at exterior openings in industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings. Many areas of industry, from receiving docks to manufacturing facilities and food and beverage operations rely on rolling service doors each and every day. Due to the varied purposes rolling doors serve, they’re often custom-built to fit an already existing opening. Overall, service doors use less space than traditional overhead doors. This is due to the minimum sideroom and headroom required for functionality.


Rolling service doors typically come custom, although standard construction is 30-feet wide, 30-feet high. Working with a distributor who cuts their own custom rolling doors will significantly reduce your wait time. There are multiple variables that affect both the price and quality of rolling doors. I’ll outline some of these variables below.

Interior or Exterior Rolling Doors

Regardless of placement, closures should be secure, reliable, and durable. However, exterior doors meet additional obstacles, such as inclement weather and passersby. Exterior rolling doors also might require insulation, depending on your location.

Operation and Usage of Service Doors

Because rolling service doors are expected to function multiple times per day, they are rated by their lifecycle expectations. Doors rated at or below 20 lifecycles per day have a lower cost than those rated above 20 lifecycles per day. That’s because with increased operation comes more opportunities for wear and tear.

Materials and Finish for Rolling Doors

Long lasting, solid construction is vital for the long term operation of rolling doors. The materials you choose affect the quality and number of lifecycles of your door. Typically, rolling doors are either made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, depending on your strength and durability needs. They can be finished in multiple colors.


Choosing the right rolling service door doesn’t have to feel like a challenge. Sure there are many different ways you can choose to customize your door, but working with a local door company with a time-tested reputation can ease the process. Our rolling steel doors can also be customized to display the graphics of a company’s logo or picture. At American Door Works, we understand how to translate your business needs into the right door. We handle everything from custom cutting to installation and service.