At American Door Works, we’re committed to helping you improve your business from every angle. Because of this, we’ve created a preventative maintenance program to keep your commercial overhead doors in tip-top shape. And, because no two businesses are exactly the same, our preventative maintenance program is custom built from the ground up.

This way, whether you have one commercial overhead door or 20, we can provide you with the service and maintenance to keep your business running. Each of our customers can establish a program that meets their specific needs. It’s one way we work to provide our customers with more than just a transaction.


Our expert technicians make each decision in the best interest of you and your business. Before we enter into a preventative maintenance program with a customer, we start with a free site survey. During the site survey, our team evaluates your current equipment and provides recommendations for maintenance and service needs. It’s only after this on-site visit that your maintenance program can begin.


We developed our preventative maintenance program to help our customers increase their safety and productivity while eliminating lost production time. The length of the intervals between our scheduled visits can be monthly, annually, or anything in-between. We also offer custom ranges in case it better fits your needs.

Maintenance visits are pre-scheduled and occur between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., so you don’t have to worry about any unannounced visitors. During each visit, one of our expert technicians will evaluate, address, and repair any or all of the following (click each item to view full scope of work):

Any and all services performed, comments, and suggestions will be provided in a quote at the end of the maintenance visit. If there are any needs beyond what’s included in the scope of work, such as installation work, authorization is needed prior to the work being performed.


When our customers come to American Door Works, they can expect more than products and services. They can expect a partner who’s focused on helping you, your business, and the needs that come along with it