In the modern digital age, an increasing number of everyday appliances are incorporating “smart” features and connectivity, including garage door openers. Smart garage door openers are capable of connecting remotely to a mobile app, website, and sometimes other smart appliances, like external keypads.

While smart garage door openers hold several advantages over traditional garage door openers, some property owners may wish to opt for a lower-tech approach.

Pros of Smart Garage Door Openers

Remote Opening and Closing

If you leave your home or business and forget to close the garage door behind you, most smart openers allow you to remotely close the door from your phone or computer, keeping your property secure without forcing you travel back to the door to close it.

Convenient Lighting Control

Certain smart garage door openers, such as Liftmaster MyQ garage door openers, allow you to remotely control your property’s lighting, both inside and outside of the garage. Some openers can also use motion-activated sensors to turn lights on or off when the system detects someone walking in the dark. When combined with a smart opener’s mobile app, remote lighting control helps property owners stay in control of their property’s energy consumption.

Cons of Smart Garage Door Openers


Because smart garage door openers are more complex than traditional garage door openers, there is more opportunity for malfunctions. In addition to mechanical malfunctions within the opener itself, problems with on-site Wi-Fi can also reduce a smart opener’s effectiveness.


Smart garage door openers require a constant, stable internet connection, making them less-than-ideal for rural or remote properties. Most modern smart openers also require a smartphone to take full advantage of their features, so property owners that don’t have access to a smartphone might consider a traditional opener.

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American Door Works carries several different models of MyQ smart garage door options, each with its own set of features and controls. For everything from smartphone connectivity to remote lighting control, we have something that can help.

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