When choosing a new garage door, homeowners should consider not only the new door’s material, but also its advanced features, such as locks, smart home integration, and more.

For some homeowners, the best option may be a door with a retractable garage door screen, which can help maximize the usable space in a garage while keeping it secure and well-ventilated. Garage door screens come in several varieties, and homeowners looking to purchase one should understand the differences between them so they can find the best garage door screen for their home.

What are Garage Door Screens?

Garage screens are a special feature available with some garage doors. Unlike traditional garage doors, garage door screens are made out of a flexible mesh material that allows air to flow freely through it.

Installing a retractable or roll-up garage door screen transforms a fullly enclosed garage into a hybrid indoor/outdoor space that lets fresh air in while keeping pests out. Garages featuring garage screens are ideal for workshops, recreation areas, and more.

Types of Garage Door Screens

Garage screens are usually installed in conjunction with traditional garage doors. When the garage door proper is open, the screen can be lowered independently. All garage door screens allow increased airflow, but some screen types offer additional features that can be useful, depending on the homeowner’s specific needs.


Magnetic garage door screens are the most affordable type of garage screen. Magnetic screens hang over the entrance to a garage door and feature one or more “doors” which can be used to enter or exit through the screen. Magnets imbedded in these doors ensure the screen closes after the door is used. Because these doors are not powered, they need to be rolled up manually when not in use.


While other garage screens retract vertically, sliding garage door screens retract horizontally. Tracks on the top and bottom of a garage frame allow these screens to move from side to side. Sliding screens are more durable and easier to open and close than magnetic screens, but the inclusion of tracks makes sliding screens higher maintenance than their alternatives.

Retractable or Roll-Up

Retractable or roll-up garage door screens are either motorized or include a chain or strap attachment for convenient opening and closing. Retractable garage door screens are typically mounted to the inside of an existing garage door and are made out of sturdy, long-lasting materials like fiberglass or polyester. Their inclusion of a motor means roll-up doors typically have the highest maintenance level of all garage door screens, but the convenience of automatic closing may be worth it for homeowners.

Lifestyle Garage Door Screens from American Door Works

American Door Works carries Lifestyle Garage Screen Doors, which let the inside inwithout the bugs. These retractable, roll-up garage screen doors are easily lowered into place pull straps and include a passage door for easy entry and exit without having to retract the screen. Lifestyle Garage Screen Doors are also environmentally-friendly and easy to maintain. We offer options for screen sizes, screen materials, and frame colors so you can customize your garage door screen to complement your home's exterior.

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