As the primary shipping and receiving area, the loading dock plays a central role in any warehouse setting. In order to keep it running smoothly, businesses need a loading dock leveler to act as a bridge between incoming vehicles and the loading bay. Picking the right loading dock leveler can make a big difference in the efficiency of your loading dock and your business overall.

Types of Loading Dock Levelers

There are several types of loading dock levelers on the market. Some use hydraulic power, some use air pressure, and some are operated manually. The most popular types of dock levelers are mechanical and hydraulic.


Hydraulic dock levelers feature a push-button design that allows them to be easily raised and lowered. Hydraulic dock are typically durable,making them ideal for high traffic loading docks.


Mechanical dock levelers are operated manually through a pull chain mechanism. They do not require power to operate and are the most affordable type of dock leveler on the market. Mechanical levelers are often used in facilities with light loads.

Key Dock Leveler Features to Consider

Some dock levelers feature built-in safety features, while others can more easily resist wear and handle heavy loads. Once you’ve determined which type of dock leveler works best for your loading bay, consider which features would most improve efficiency at your worksite.

Safety Features

Built-in safety features, such as push-button operation and skid resistant surfaces, prevent employee injuries and keep your loading dock safe and efficient regardless of the cargo you move. Other safety features to consider include toe guards to protect employees from toe injuries and rubber bumpers to protect against damage from exterior vehicles.

Operating Range

The primary function of a dock leveler is to bridge the gap between your loading bay and delivery vehicles. When selecting a loading dock leveler, choose a model that has an operating range that matches the dimensions of your loading bay and the height of incoming delivery trucks.


A dock leveler’s capacity describes the meximum weight it can handle before it becomes liable to fail. Choose a dock leveler that can handle the loads your dock moves daily. If a dock leveler is overloaded, it can suffer damage, require extensive maintenance, and put the safety of your staff at risk.

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