Commercial garage door openers, unlike residential garage door openers, are designed to lift the large, sturdy door businesses need for their warehouses, loading docks, and more. Not every opener will work at ever facility, so consider factors like opener type, facility traffic, and horsepower requirements before making a purchase.

Types of Commercial Garage Door Openers

Depending on the size of your building, some garage door types may be better suited to your specific needs. The most common types of commercial garage door openers are the trolly and jackshaft systems.


Jackshaft openers are mounted on the wall next to the door proper. Jackshaft openers function by exerting force directly on the door’s torsion bar, which draws the door upwards. Because jackshaft openers are installed on the wall, they are ideal for small garages or buildings with angled ceilings.


Trolley openers are among the most common garage door openers on the market. Mounted on the ceiling, they use a horizontal trolly and rail system to exert vertical force on the garage door, pulling it open or pushing it closed. Because they take up so much overhead space, trolly openers are better suited to large garages.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Garage Door Opener

The best garage door opener for your business will vary depending on a number of factors, including the traffic your property experiences and the size you need your opener to be.

Traffic Level

If there is a high level of daily traffic in your building, consider installing a durable opener that can open and close several times a day while minimizing wear. Typically, trolly openers are the most effective for high traffic properties.


Commercial overhead openers vary in horsepower, with models rated for one-half, one-third, and one horsepower. When selecting an opener, consider the weight of your on-site garage doors and select a model that can handle the load. Both jackshaft and trolly openers are capable of pulling the same weight, as long as they have the right motor.

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