When the topic of garage door optimization comes up, most people consider their garage door's composition first and, and openers second. Despite this, the type and specifications of your garage door opener are important and can make or break a garage door setup.

The three main types of garage door openers on the market are the chain drive opener, the belt drive opener, and the jackshaft opener. The jackshaft opener is a newcomer to the world of garage doors and warrants a bit of exploration.

What is a Jackshaft Opener?

Traditional chain and belt driven garage door openers are typically mounted overhead, taking up a lot of ceiling space. In contrast, jackshaft openers, like the Model 8500W and 8900, are wall mount garage door openers, affixed to the left or right of the garage door frame.

Overhead garage door openers usually utilize a track and rail system that pulls the garage door open and pushes it shut. Jackshaft door openers have a motor and pulley system that is attached directly to the torsion bar of the door, which allows them to easily raise and lower it without bulky tracks, chains, or belts.

Benefits of Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

The addition of a jackshaft garage door opener can make a big impact on the functionality of your garage door. Here are some benefits to choosing this door opener type:


One major drawback of traditional garage door openers is how much overhead space they take up. Since jackshaft openers are side mount garage door openers, ceiling space in your garage remains free for storage.

Enhanced Security and Safety

Wall mount garage door openers typically come with a built-in deadbolt feature, which helps keep your garage secure against unauthorized entry. Most jackshaft openers also come with auto-reverse features, preventing the garage door from shutting when people, pets, or vehicles are beneath it.

Low Noise

One of the most attractive features of jackshaft openers is how quiet they are. Depending on the specific opener model, jackshaft openers make little to no noise. This makes these openers especially suitable for garages that are situated directly next to living spaces.

Easy Maintenance

Jackshaft openers are based on a simplified design, requiring maintenance less frequently than traditional openers. Jackshaft openers generally last a long time without needing costly repairs.


Jackshaft side mount garage door openers are also tech-friendly. Most models support Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled through a remote button in your car or through a smartphone app on your phone.

Explore Jackshaft Openers with American Door Works

American Door Works carries several different garage door opener options. The 8500W Jackshaft Drive offered by American Door Works comes with many modern features, including a motion detector, power lock deadbolt, and dedicated app that lets you control the opener from your phone. Contact us today to find out more.