As the largest moving object in your home, you’ll want to keep your garage door functioning at its best. If your residential garage door has a rattle, clang, or other disruption during operation, you’re getting a clear indicator that something requires attention. At first, a noise might be fixed by a few turns of a screwdriver or a new hinge. But, if left unattended, that same noise can turn into a much larger, more expensive problem.


Here at American Door Works, we recommend preventative garage door maintenance on residential garage doors be performed on a yearly basis. We believe an annual maintenance check provides significant value to homeowners and saves them from dealing with larger issues down the road. Today, I’ve outlined three reasons why homeowners benefit from having a preventative garage door maintenance plan with American Door Works.


Our residential garage door maintenance plan covers routine inspections, as well as adjustments, lubrication, and tightening of fasteners. When your residential garage door receives routine maintenance, you’ll receive thorough inspections, cost-saving repair recommendations, and the final say on how, when, or if repairs occur.


Thorough Inspection

Our comprehensive preventative garage door maintenance plan includes assessment of your garage door’s condition, alignment, hardware, cables, drums, locks, and track. Our technicians also assess your garage door opener to ensure proper function.


Cost-Saving Repair Recommendations

After each annual inspection, you’ll receive a checklist of each item our technician assessed and inspected, along with repair recommendations. These recommendations give you an opportunity to take a proactive approach to keeping your garage door functioning. Following the technician’s recommendations will likely save you from having to receive greater repairs down the road.


Final Say on Repair Authorization

The checklist you’re provided with also includes quotes for parts and installation. The preventative maintenance plan does not include replacement parts or the labor for installing replacement parts.

While we make recommendations, it’s up to the homeowner to decide how, when, or if any repairs occur. This means you won’t be forced into receiving or paying for any repairs you didn’t authorize.


There are clear-cut benefits to keeping your garage door well-maintained and functioning at its best. By receiving a thorough annual inspection, you can know what is and isn’t operating properly, and you’ll have the final say on replacement parts and repair. At American Door Works, we know what it takes to keep your residential garage door moving.