Building on the trends from last year, residential garage doors continue to be a reflection of the homeowner’s personality. Whether your home is modest, traditional, or modern, there is a style to meet every need. If you are looking for a new garage door this year, here are six trends you can look forward to:


Achieving the look of wood with a faux finish is possible with more paint finish options available. The best part? It’s gentle on your pocketbook. Many of the customers I work with are surprised at the cost to achieve a wood-like finish; it is more affordable than you might orginally assume.

The wood grain feel is an aesthetically pleasing way to add curb appeal to your home. This look allows you to get the look of wood without sacrificing energy efficiency.


There is a big push in the market for the R-value of garage doors. [What is R-value? It is a measurement of thermal resistance.]

Not all R-value doors are created equal. The need for a well insulated, energy efficient garage door is increasing year after year. The contractors we work with are now recommending more middle-of-the-road insulated door options vs non-insulated. Gone are the days of insulated garages with poly backed insulated doors. Minimum specifications are now calling for 1 3/8” steel backed insulated doors. The R-value has become a key point in the conversation about new garage doors.


Technology advancements continue to allow everything to be at your fingertips with the touch of a button. With the LiftMaster MyQ® Appyou can stay connected to your home, away from home. It’s the “smart” way to control your door. Monitoring status, receiving activity alerts, and opening/closing your garage door has never been easier. With several accessory options available, this virtual technology takes the worry away. With nearly 64 percent of Americans now owning a smartphone of some sort and doing more on these devices than ever, it’s a trend I see continuing to grow and expand.


For years, black residential garage doors were a big no-no in the industry due to the color absorbing too much heat. The hot temperature would cause delamination of the steel from the insulation and ruin the garage door. But with new paint technologies, dark colors are back on the safe color list. The solar reflecting technology results in cooler surface temperatures. I foresee 2016 bringing more colors to the market, and more homeowners choosing darker colors for their doors.


A garage door screen is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in. Lifestyle Screens work with your existing garage door and are fully retractable. It’s an ideal way to turn your garage into a man cave, entertaining/hobby area, or exercise space.


One size does not fit all. In terms of residential garage doors, I’m seeing more oversized single doors vs. double doors, or double door/single combination. Single doors accommodate larger and recreational vehicles. The third stall is also becoming an extension of the home, not only providing storage and workspace but recreational space, too. With that said, the standard 9 ft. x 7 ft. residential garage door dimensions are more along the lines of 9 ft. x 8 ft. and 10 ft. x 8 ft.

Check out our virtual showroom to view more doors that stay true to these trends. Or better yet, stop in at one of our four showrooms and see these looks up close and personal.