the warehouse is the heart of your business


If your building has delivery trucks coming and going, you will want to pay attention to this. Having your loading dock regularly maintained keeps everyone safe. It keeps the truck driver who is backing up to your dock safe, it keeps whomever is unloading trucks safe, and it keeps the integrity of the building safe.

You cannot afford for the any part of your warehouse to be down, especially the loading docks. Delivery trucks rely on your docks to be ready and available for drop off when they arrive. The dock equipment is expected to perform over and over again. If equipment is down, you lose productivity in your business and drivers are forced to wait, leading to unhappy customers.

Dock equipment comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms. A dock leveler serves as a transition to make sure the connection between the dock and trailer is level and smooth, allowing the truck to be safely and quickly unloaded by a fork lift. Having your loading dock levelers regularly maintained will ensure that trucks coming and going will have no problem delivering product to keep your business moving quickly and efficiently.

We recommend annual service and adjustment of your dock equipment. Our team of experienced technicians will make sure your dock equipment is functioning properly. We will clean debris from the dock leveler pit, lubricate all moving parts, adjust anything that is out of adjustment, and inspect and document our inspection. You gain the peace of mind knowing that your loading docks will continue to operate safely and your business will continue uninterrupted.