As weather gets colder and autumn fun is replaced by wintertime chill, many home and business owners are looking to begin off-season maintenance projects. One of the most popular projects we see around this time of year is garage door installation and repair.

However, each year we’re also faced with clients who are apprehensive about wintertime work on their garage door. Rest assured—the experts at American Door Works have the answers to two of the most common concerns about winter garage door construction.

Is It Possible to Repair or Install a Garage Door in Winter?

Not only is it possible to install or repair a garage door in winter, but for many home or business owners, it’s preferred. Summertime is often busier than winter for construction and home maintenance companies, causing scheduling delays and pricing increases due to higher material and labor demands.

It’s important to give your garage door technician plenty of time to thoroughly inspect your garage door, tracks, and hardware for damage, dysfunction, or signs of wear and tear. A less hectic schedule will ensure your technician has time to be thorough. Since clients are also often less busy in the wintertime, this slower schedule makes winter perfect for garage door installation and repairs.

Are There Advantages to Installing a Garage Door in the Winter?

Besides seasonal timing considerations, there are several other advantages to installing or repairing a garage door in winter:

Protect Your Belongings

Garage doors keep winter weather from damaging your vehicles and other belongings, but they need to be in good condition to do so. Installing a garage door in winter means you’ll need to leave your garage open to the elements until the work is finished. However, the increased protection of a new garage door will more than make up for a few hours of being open.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

A solid garage door can help you avoid temperature extremes caused by inclement weather. Your door will stop brisk air from entering your garage, and if your garage is attached, it will also keep cold air from seeping into your home or business.

Because new doors create a better seal and contain better insulation, a well-maintained and expertly installed garage door can do wonders for keeping your garage at a stable and consistent temperature. In fact, according to a study by Clopay Building Products, a new door can reduce energy loss by up to 71%.

Schedule Your Garage Door Installation or Maintenance Today

After 50 years in the garage door industry, the experts at American Door Works are well-seasoned in the intricacies of wintertime garage door maintenance and installation. When you’re ready to complete your garage door projects, contact American Door Works for professionals that get your project done on time and on budget.