There’s an old saying that you should never go into business with family. This is usually supported by a few cautionary tales written by those who’ve had bad experiences after working with or hiring family members. And, while I’m sure there are some families who are better off working separately, sometimes mixing family with business creates a winning combination.

Garage Door Contractor Benefits to Working with A Family Business

At American Door Works, we’ve built trust, authenticity, and family-focus into the foundation of our business. It’s the key to customer satisfaction, a positive reputation, and repeat business – and as a garage door contractor, you understand the importance of all three.

Whether we’re working with a family or a contractor, we provide more than just a transaction; we provide an experience. Since we’re in the business of helping families, it’s natural that American Door Works is a family business itself.

Deeper Commitment

When we do business, our focus is on the next generation, not the next quarter. Working with American Door Works means more than working with some sales rep or manager. You’re working with a father, son, or former classmate.

We’re not some faceless company you’ll never hear from or see again. You’re likely to see our trucks driving around town and run into our staff at the grocery store or coffee shop. If there’s ever a problem or miscommunication, you can call us up or stop by.

Knowledge and Trust

As we continue to earn the trust of our customers and build toward a bright future, we pride ourselves on providing great experiences. Keeping our customers involved and informed throughout the entire process lets them leave with a smile. It’s because of our dedication toward experience that our customers stay loyal. As any contractor knows, loyalty is earned. Loyalty cannot be bought or forced, but it can be lost.

Our Name is Our Virtue

There’s no doubt about it, American Door Works is a family business. With locations in St. Cloud, Brainerd, Alexandria, and Willmar, we’re deeply rooted within Minnesota communities. With a foundation of family, we’re honored to be the industry leading provider of doors and integrated door solutions in our regions