When it comes to customer interaction, big box stores just aren't like your local neighborhood shop. This is especially true in our line of business with residential garage doors. But just what is the difference that sets the two apart?


Cue Cheers theme music, “Where everybody knows your name.” American Door Works is a trusted brand in central Minnesota. With over four decades of dedication in solutions and service, we’re a name you can count on. We prove this with our vision, people, and family-focused approach. Our values are the most important attributes because they reflect the foundation our company was built on.

Our mission isn’t just a statement; it’s something we live out loud everyday. It’s centered around improving the spaces where our customers live, work, and play with style and security.


Line envy, relationships, and service. Working with us means you’ll be treated as a person, not a number. Not to mention up-front parking, a spacious showroom, and short to almost non-existent lines. Here are some of the items American Door Works offers that you won’t find available at the big box store:

  • Service, parts, and repair
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Professional installation
  • Free estimates
  • Five-year spring warranty
  • Experienced sales staff
  • Removal and disposal of your old garage door
  • Personal attention
  • Emergency service available

You’ll save time and guarantee your garage door performs safely and efficiently by working with a professional installer. Undivided attention, up-close and personal relationships, and intimate interactions are our specialty.


It’s important to keep the difference in product and price in mind when shopping at a big box store. These stores sell light duty hinges and hardware. The material is flexible and can be bent with your bare hands. A thick gauge in these materials is vital for performance, durability, and longevity. Big box stores also have light duty tracks, another important part of your garage door hardware that isn’t worth the compromise.

Garage door springs are also typically lighter duty and will not last as long as heavy duty springs. A garage door dealer provides torsion springs, whereas the box stores EZ wind springs. The difference? EZ wind springs are hard to maintain when they fail, and you can expect to request an order for a replacement, possibly resulting in your garage door being down for one to two weeks or more. With a torsion spring system, your garage door can be repaired and working in the same day or next. There’s no need to wait for parts, as a dealer carries torsion spring inventory on hand.

If you’re going to purchase from a big box store, be prepared for an upcharge. You’ll need to know exactly what to ask for in order to get it right the first time. Replacements and repairs can add up, so it’s vital to know what you’re getting into. The product difference that we provide as a garage door dealer is incomparable in material, availability, and convenience.


Not only do we have great products and services, we are reliable and stand behind our word. We take care of you every step of the way, asking questions, following through, and delivering on time. The value you receive in working with us is non-comparable.

Our name says it all. American = Family. Trust. Tradition. Door = Garage. Residential. Commercial. Works = Effort. Employment. Achievement. Purpose. American Door Works. We allow you the opportunity to connect with the faces of our business from the beginning. The investment we have in you, our customer, is a lifetime commitment of service and excellence.