One of our most frequently asked questions is about loading dock levelers. People often wonder why they need them for their business, and even though you see them on almost every commercial loading bay, you may wonder the same thing. So, why do we need dock levelers? Choosing a dock leveler promotes safety, maximizes efficiency, and protects your cargo.

Dock Deficiencies

No two trucks are the same, but most garage doors look similar. Trucks come in many different dimensions, differences in which can result from cargo restrictions, company choice of vehicles, and more.

Regardless of the difference, you’ll need a solution to this problem. A dock leveler comes in handy for dealing with different sizes of trucks. A dock leveler meets the truck wherever it rests, making a seamless platform between the floor of your building and the bottom of the truck bed. However, there are a few more benefits to dock levelers you may not have considered.

Avoiding Danger

Have you ever tried to lift something without a proper place to stand? You know how difficult it can be to move something without the appropriate ground beneath your feet. Now think about the average cargo load—it usually comes in heavy crates or pallets that need to be unloaded without endangering your workers.

Because the dock leveler meets the truck wherever it is, your workers stay safe while unloading it. They won’t have to hoist the cargo or endanger themselves by moving it over a gap between the door and the truck. When you install a dock leveler, you ensure that freight will be loaded and unloaded with safety as one of the top priorities.

Maximum Efficiency

Then there’s an argument for efficiency. Not only is moving cargo without a leveler dangerous, but it’s also terribly inefficient. It’s far easier and faster to move crates, pallets, and heavy equipment with a dock leveler. We can guarantee that you’ll see the time it takes to load and unload drastically decrease after you install one.

Protecting the Product

How often have you lost money because the product was dropped or damaged during the loading and unloading process? We’re willing to bet that it’s more than you’d like to admit. Luckily, a dock leveler aids in protecting your product during these times, which results in a layer of safety.

This safety has a direct impact on your profits. If you can guarantee that each load comes and goes without any damage, then you can ensure that you won’t lose any revenue during the beginning and end of the supply chain.

Overall, there are some fantastic benefits to having a dock leveler. With the proper equipment from American Door Works, you can save time and money while keeping your staff safe. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how you can get started right away.