Spring is a transitional time of year. We’ve all had just about enough of spending most of our time indoors and are itching to get outside again–especially coming into what we can hope will be the tail-end of a pandemic. Get outside without worrying about the elements ruining you plans by installing a screen system on your garage. This instantly turns your garage into a flexible space used for just about anything!

The Benefits of Garage Door Screens

Your garage is more than just a space to store paint cans and garden tools. It can be a transitional space to do just about anything. Entertain guests, create an airy studio, start up a garage band, or find a quiet space to yourself. Whatever you are looking to accomplish in the garage, there is one main reason people choose to include a garage door screen in their planning: pests.

The warmer seasons welcome warm breezes and comforting sunshine, but it also brings bugs, mosquitoes and small animals that homeowners would rather not welcome in their garage or home. Garage door screens create a barrier from pests while allowing airflow to move unrestricted. Family and guests can gather without the additional bug spray, and you don’t need to worry about pests finding their way into your home.

What are Lifestyle Garage Door Screens?

You may have seen similar screen garage doors that operate on an electric retractable system or using magnets or Velcro to hold screens in place. These can be a bit clumsy, not to mention bulky and obstructive. The Lifestyle Garage Screen Door is a retractable roll-up door that effortlessly lowers into place and rises again when not in use.

One of the best features of these screen doors is the passage door, which allows homeowners and their guests to easily enter and exit the garage without having to lift the entire screen door.

Lifting and operating the screen door is simple (see it in action here) and it stores completely out of sight when it is not in use. Using a vertical and horizontal track system, it easily attaches over your existing garage door. This means is does not require floor tracks–a feature of many other styles of screen garage door–eliminating dirt and debris build-up.

Customization Options

These garage door screens are incredibly versatile. Of course, they fit nearly every garage and can be customized. They are very simple to use and store, functioning using fluid motions that require little effort. You can also customize them to fit your home’s aesthetic. There are three types of screen options to choose from depending on your level of privacy and desired use: standard screens, privacy screens, and super screens. The frames of these screens can also be customized in three shades: white, brown, and sandstone.

Looking to turn your home’s garage into a unique space? Garage door screens are a great option! Learn more about them on the American Door Works website, or contact one of our experts to learn more.