You hear all the time how important a customer experience is. And it’s no secret, experiences and interactions serve a purpose and help meet a goal. They steer you to go right or left down your path. Experience is defined by a particular instance of personally encountering, observing, or undergoing something. When you tie this to a purchase, in this case a garage door, the transaction becomes personal.


Let’s face it, in today’s busy world, we are continuously looking for better on all fronts. Faster, smarter, stronger, all of it, and then some. And, at a good price. In almost everything we purchase, this is our mentality. But what about our experience to get there? I’m talking about those “handshake transactions.”

On the path to find what we’re looking for, our buying habits are pretty predictable. According to Retailing Today, almost 81percent of consumers turn to the internet before heading to a store. Online searching allows us to compare, narrow, and refine our selections.

So you’ve done your research and are ready to pull the trigger and buy a new garage door. What’s the next step? Confirm your decision in person. Whether it be a garage door, a new pair of eyeglasses, an appliance, or even a vehicle, when you’re spending your hard earned dollars, there’s a comfort level we as consumers need to reach. That “feel good feeling” with the investment we are about to make. It matters.


Why does a good experience matter? Because a large purchase transaction lives on longer than the handshake. Days or months down the road when you have a question, need repair or service, or want to add options, you need to know you can pick up right where you left off.

Our showroom not only displays our products, but it gives you a chance to meet the people who are our brand. The people who are a part of your purchase journey. The people who respond, help, share knowledge, and guide you. The people who make your transaction personal. And, that matters.


We offer beautiful, functional door solutions to central Minnesota. Match this with our unrivaled service, incredible people, and our name, American Door Works, comes to life. But don’t take our word for it, hear what one our customers has to say about us.

Missy from Litchfield Building Center says, “American Door Works has always been a friendly, on time, easy to work with company; with good prices and EXCELLENT service. They have always been there to assist me with anything I need with a very energetic, knowledgeable sale team. I would recommend them to anyone for service, repairs, or new doors.”

Our entire team at American Door Works is family-owned, and family-focused so you can ensure your family will be important to us, too. Your experience with us truly does matter. And, we believe that's what sets us apart. When you’re ready to find the perfect garage door that welcomes you home, we’re here to help.