Who remembers what R.A.C.E. stands for? It’s an acronym advising people what to do in the event of a fire. Rescue. Alarm. Contain. Extinguish. Even in these basic rules of fire safety, fire doors have their place: containing. Eliminating a fire’s ability to spread is one of surest ways to limit its destructive abilities.

Beyond protecting your building, your staff, and your inventory, fire doors provide an even larger advantage: they can contain a fire and minimize property damage, whether you’re present or not.



It should come as no surprise that insurance companies are pro fire doors. Under an insurance premium, fire doors are considered a protective measure, and they’ll figure into a protection measure discount. Will your savings offset the cost of a fire door? Probably not. But the purpose of fire doors isn’t to check a box and save money on insurance – it’s to protect your business.


While it’s not fun to imagine, consider what would happen if your commercial location, warehouse, restaurant, or business suffered a fire. Now think about two scenarios:

  1. The fire is contained to the room or area where it started, all other areas are unharmed.
  2. The fire spreads throughout the entire building, damaging everything.

Depending on which of these outcomes became reality, the recovery plan would also be quite different. Keeping your business or your building protected can mean the difference between moving forward and starting over from scratch. An unsuspected fire can be what puts someone out of business, but it doesn’t have to be.


While we hope you and your business never experience a fire, we cannot ignore it as a possibility. In the end, fire doors save lives. They also save money. Fire doors can protect businesses by stopping or slowing the spread of fire.

Insurance is about protecting your business from the unpredictable, and fire is one of the most unpredictable forces capable of putting a business out of business. By containing the fire, you’re limiting its ability to spread and cause greater damage.