As a contractor, it's easy to get lost in the places to find inspiration on behalf of your customer. This doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. When you're equipped with where to look, organize, and understand your customer's options, it makes gathering all of the ideas easy. There are two popular online platforms you can use to help your customer navigate garage door inspiration and while capturing their personality. I'll share those and explain how these resources can be a tool for you as a garage door contractor in more ways than one.


Pinterest is the visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. To get started: choose from one of the pre-defined categories Pinterest has outlined, use the search tool for trending topics, or enter phrases in the search bar for a completely custom search. Hit the enter button and voila! Thousands of ideas, articles, photos, tips, and much more are at your fingertips.

It’s easy to create tailor-made “boards” to organize favorite topics, themes, or categories for your customers. You will find unlimited options for garage door inspiration and beyond. Using Pinterest to search for industry trends is becoming a great way for professionals to stay on track and ahead of design trends.

Once you start saving, you will naturally begin to organize in the way that makes the most sense to your customers and easily find the pins you have saved for later. Rearranging your pins can happen with the click of a few buttons. The best part? There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to organize on Pinterest! It’s a completely personal preference.


Houzz is an online platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community. To get started: browse photos, find pros, shop, or choose from one of the main living options in the navigation toolbar. Discussion groups and stories are another useful area if you’ve got something specific in mind or just want to see what’s popular. Of course, the custom search is also an option, too.

The discussion boards are a great resource for contractors to see what questions homeowners are seeking answers on, interested in, or need education on. The stories section is also jam-packed with industry-related articles, tips, and information.

When you’re ready to start a project, use Houzz to get inspired and collaborate. You can read articles, shop buying guides, see reviews, and so much more. An added bonus: you can upload client photos and create an ideabook to share with them. It’s a great site to gather all of your ideas, room by room, in an organized way for your customers.


Now that you’ve warmed up to the ideas of using Pinterest and Houzz, get exploring! Follow other pinners and their boards. Search for home improvement projects, contractor articles, or homeowner guidelines. If you can type it, chances are another garage door contractor has too. Get as granular as you need to with your searches. If there’s a color your client is really loving, a preferred design style, or an overall theme they enjoy, these websites are a great place to keep track of it all.

Capturing the unique style of your customers will come to life in no time. Use these resources to help your next building project stand out from the rest. These platforms will help you pull it all together and execute your next project like the pro you are.

Creating your clients wish list has never been easier or more accessible. Browse on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Still overwhelmed? We’d love to help you gather all of your ideas together. Garage door inspiration is color, texture, theme, and a representation of your customers' style. Visiting one of our four showrooms for a great place to see all of these inspirations come to life.