Get inspired by attending the Central Minnesota Builders Association (CMBA) Spring Tour of Homes! This event is an opportunity for you to take a tour inside selected homes to experience their detail, design, and craftsmanship. It showcases the interior and exterior elements of a home. Make sure to take note of garage door designs by following some simple tips I’ve outlined below.


There’s no doubt you will be wowed with the unique beauty of every home you visit on this tour. Bring a notebook, a writing utensil and your camera (a smart phone works great!) with so you can record and remember your favorite homes and what stood out about each one. I’ve got some simple things for you to look for when you find a garage door design you enjoy.

What elements should you be looking for in garage door design? We will be talking about this in a future blog. Here’s a short list of what to keep in mind and questions to help determine what is drawing you to a particular design of garage door:

  • Style

Is it flat or does the garage door display dimension (or could it replace dimension with design)?

  • Color

Does the garage door blend in, stand out with a bold color or incorporate multiple colors?

  • Material

Is it made of steel, aluminum or wood? Or does it appear to mimic a material?

  • Windows

Are you drawn to one pane or multiple? Or do you prefer arches and more pane detail?

Tip: Take pictures of which garage doors you admire.

When you find a garage door design you are drawn to, write it down. Even better, write how it makes you feel. It can be as simple as jotting it down in the notebook you brought along. It’s easy to create an ideabook on Houzz and share it with us! That way, your photos and notes (and any others you’ve compiled) from this event are all in one place.


The 2016 Spring Tour is right around the corner. Homes are open on two weekends for your convenience and viewing pleasure. Not to mention, it’s free and open to the public.

CMBA Spring Tour 2016 Dates:

February 26-28: Friday from 4:30-7pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 12-5pm

March 4-6: Friday from 4-7pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 12-5pm

View the home tour schedule.

Be sure to check our Facebook page for other events to get inspired by in your area.


Working with a member of the Central Minnesota Builder’s Association has immeasurable value for you as a homeowner. This network is comprised of the most skilled, trusted professionals in the building industry. Adhering to the CMBA Code of Conduct is one of the many reasons we take pride in being a part of this organization. Working with a CMBA member ensures you have the best expertise Central Minnesota offers. American Door Works has been a member with CMBA since 1976 and we plan to continue that for many years to come.

Are you planning to attend this event? I would love to see your notes and photos afterwards. Schedule a time to come in and meet while the ideas are still fresh in your mind.